what is it?

Taste Trace is built on the core values of Good Tastes using the best possible ingredients we can get our hands on and while doing this, to support local and regional sustainable farmers and producers whenever we can.

We have always had a commitment to using all-natural, clean ingredients that are good for you and for your family and friends. As our company evolves and grows, we are also committed to seeking out ingredients that are produced in a way that are good for our communities and for a healthy planet.

We believe there is an opportunity for food companies like ours to be the farm-to-shelf connection for earth loving, smaller scale farmers, growers and ingredient producer who are trying to do the right things.

help us!

As we grow and expand our products, we will ever be on the lookout for ingredient partners that are making a difference. If you know of a producer that fits the bill, please send us a note at


INGREDIENT: Pineland Farms Sharp Cheddar, Pineland Farms Monterey Jack

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